Friday, May 15, 2009

Cleveland Food Review: Presti's

12101 Mayfield Road
Cleveland, Ohio

What's better than cupcakes??  Well...nothing, really.  But, these came in a close second.  For dinner Annie, Josh, and I went out to eat in Little Italy.  Its a cute and fun area of Cleveland full of Italians (my people).  After a yummy dinner of pizza we headed over to Presti's and got some
 pretty magical Italian pastries.  We got a puff pastry that was chocolate with some super good creme stuff in the middle, cassata cake (traditional Sicillian cake..with strawberries!), and a lemon cake.  We played a game where you got one bite and then shifted the plates, Josh had a little trouble keeping up, but Annie and I were ready to go!  

Stay tuned tomorrow for more adventures!!!

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