Saturday, January 10, 2009

roasted veggies with mint

a wise person once told me, never go to the grocery when you're hungry.  

she was right.

last week i came home from the grocery with a cart full of random veggies, and quickly realized i had no plan for them.  sitting on my counter top were an eggplant, two zucchinis (zucchinie?), and a container of baby tomatoes

now, let me tell you, savvy shoppers, vegetables are not cheap now-a-days, especially here in frosty ohio.  i decided i must take action and use these purchases before they were unusable.  

per suggestion of ellie krieger (thank you food network) i searched around my kitchen to find a red pepper (i always have these in stock) and an onion... i  got out my trust george forman, sprayed all the veggies with olive oil, and began grilling all these veggies up....   i made sure they had the pretty dark marks on both sides, and then tossed them all in a bowl together...  threw in some mint leaves (which i ran out and purchased, per food network suggestion), and oregano, salt, and pepper and ate up.  it was really good....   you can also sprinkle on some low fat feta, which was pretty yummy as well.  lesson learned: anything can turn into a productive project with a george forman grill.  

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