Monday, January 19, 2009

my army of sushi.

now, this is not totally "healthy" nor is it particularly simple to make, but man, was it good.  i rolled some fried tofu (don't judge!) and cucumber avocado sushi with the help of joshua, the sushi chef.  any other ideas for yummy vegetarian sushi?  i would love to hear them.


Greg said...

You have a blog?! Who knew? My favorite vegetarian sushi options are kampyo (a type of pickled gourd) and ume (pickled plum) with shiso (perilla). You may need to find an Asian market for these. There's a really good dish called kinpira where you saute carrot and burdock then simmer it with some soy sauce, mirin and chili pepper. I'll bet that'd make some darn tasty sushi. If you're feeling ambitious you could make tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelette) and roll that into a sushi. Maybe even some crazy protein products like tempeh or seitan could work.

Heather said...

the sushi looks yummy... though i'm not sure about the tofu. thanks for the encouragement.

Laura said...

i've never tried to make my own sushi! how inventive!