Friday, March 6, 2009

Lexy and Annie's Adventures in Portland: Take 1

CUPCAKE REVIEW #1: Saint Cupcake on NW 17th and Flanders

Ambiance: 5 (out of 5) scoops of icing. St. Cupcake has the mandatory aroma of baking cupcake-goodness right when you walk in. They also have fun paintings on the walls, including the story of St. Cupcake. And, if you're lucky you can sit at the "bar" and watch the bakers at work.

Customer Service: 5 scoops of icing. We were asked at least 3 times if we had been helped. The cupcake lady was nice enough to tell me (lexy) all of the day old cupcake flavors. And, they were patient while Annie tried to choose from the all of magical treats.

Flavor Variety: 4 scoops of icing. St. Cupcake has some great flavors, but you cant get all of them every day. Annie wished they had some weirder or more daring flavors, apple perhaps. And, Lexy feels sad that her favorite cupcake (fat elvis) is only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays--both days that were not the day that we were there. However, the coconut that Lexy had is available every day and quite amazing, and Annie had a vanilla with vanilla icing that she found enjoyable....delectable even.

Quality of Cupcake: 4 scoops of icing. Annie wishes her cupcake would have had a little more icing on the top. The quality of the cake in St. Cupcake's cupcakes is quite good, not dry. No one likes a dry cupcake. Lexy's cupcake was really good and she feels like the cupcake to frosting ratio was good...but as Annie said, you can never have enough frosting.

Cupcake Size: 3 scoops of icing. St. Cupcake offers the standard size cupcake as well as the mini "dot" sizes. The dots are great for when you cant make up your mind, and you need to try two...or three... or maybe four...? Nothing extraordinary about the size of their cupcakes, but they meet the averages.

Overall Impression: 4 scoops of icing. (technically 4.something, but we're not math majors, people). Tasty, and looking forward to our next trip there when we can partake in more fun flavors.

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