Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spanish Favorite with some Healthy Twists

As many of you (or maybe none of you...) know, i lived in Spain while in college. While there I discovered what can only be described as heaven on a plate. Its called Tortilla Espanola. Now, we're not talking a tortilla like what you use to make a burrito. In Spain "tortilla" is essentially like an omelette. This one in particular is filled with potato-y goodness. However, for us healthy eaters out there, the tortilla espanola is not our friend. You esentially cook cut up potatoes in about 2 or so cups of olive oil. now, olive oil is good for us... but not that much!! So, i've made some minor alterations to this delicious spanish staple and you cant tell the difference! This is a great appetizer at parties. eat it with some cut up baguette and cheese and you have a traditional spanish meal (and its ok to have some fun cheese since you've made the tortilla healthy!).

cut up about 2-3 cups worth of potatoes. you want them in cubes. put the potatoes into a pot of boiling water and cook until they are soft (almost to the point where a few of them are falling a part).

while the potatoes are bowling, saute 1 onion (medium size-i use golden onions) and 2 chopped up cloves of garlic until soft.

drain potatoes and put into a bowl along with the onion/garlic mixture. add salt (you'll want about 1-2 teaspoons). Then combine with 1/2 to 1 cup egg beaters. it should be enough egg to coat the potatoes, but they should not be swimming in it.

heat a skilled that has curved sides (it is VERY important that the skilled does not have straight up and down sides...they need to be a little curved so you can flip the tortilla). make sure you coat the skillet very well with cooking spray. pour the mixture into the skilled and shake it a few times to even everything out. (should be medium heat). cook until the eggs on top start to firm up a little bit.

now here comes the hard part...... in spain they are awesome (for lots of reasons, but this one is particuarlly good...) they can FLIP the tortilla in the pan!!! umm yeah... im not quite that awesome. so, i'll use a knife and loosen up around all the sides. then i'll slide the tortilla out onto a plate. get another plate, put it on top, and you turn it over. So, you have esentially flipped the tortilla. Then slide it back in (wet side down) to the skillet to finish cooking.

It should cook about 7 or so minutes on the first side about about 5ish on the second. after its done cooking, you slide it out onto the plate!

the picture i had of the finished product were not stellar, because i was at a friends house and he did not have a proper tortilla making skillet, so it got stuck, which is basically the saddest thing that can happen in the world of tortilla making. So, this picture comes to use from google images (thank you google).

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